Customer Support

One of the real pleasures of dealing with a local company is that when you call us for help, you'll be immediately put in touch with a local technician who can help you with anything from answering billing questions to troubleshooting technical issues. You won't spend a minute navigating a "phone tree" and your call won't be routed overseas to a random stranger. No bureaucracy or red tape. You can stop in to visit, learn our names, and get help from a knowlegeable, experienced technician you feel comfortable with. We are always willing to talk you through your setup, and any other problems or concerns you might have, on the telephone. We will also set your computer up and include the latest shareware if you want to bring it down to our shop. Hardcopies of the setup procedure and fun and useful shareware are also available there.

Our telephone support hours are 10-4 Monday through Friday at 826-9782. Also, you can always email us at with comments, questions and concerns. This is the fastest way to get answers after hours.

Renaissance Internet
1309 11th St, Suite 104 (Cross Street M)
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 826-9782